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Obama and McCain August 29, 2008

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And the race is on in the world of politics. As both candidates have chosen their Vice Presidents, we can finally start the election path.

As many people know, Obama had a speech just yesterday at Invesco Field in Denver, CO. Over 34 million people watched him give his phenomenal speech. If you did not see it, here it is:

It was such an amazing speech, that I started crying halfway through. Obama is truly a man worthy to be president and he will be getting my vote. He stands on the same side of issues that I do, and is also one of the first presidents (that I know of) that have talked about gays and lesbians in their acceptance speech. If you did not like Obama before, you will love him after his speech.

Now McCain is a different story. I feel like the more he opens his mouth, the more I want him to shut up. He can’t even get his political strategy to work for him in the election. The day after Obama’s speech he tells the world who is VP pick is. Does he really think the world is going to care who is VP pick is the day after such an amazing speech. Everyone is still talking about Obama’s speech. I think McCain should have waited a day if he wanted to get more publicity and shift focus away from Obama.

I do like one thing that McCain has done, his choice in VP. McCain has chosen Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, as his VP. McCain has actually chosen a women to be his VP. I must say that I am very proud of him for doing that. But that is about all I can be proud of with McCain.

I will of course watch McCain’s speech during the Republican National Convention, but I am not expecting it to be as great as Obamas. He doesn’t have the eloquence or charisma to draw in a crowd like Obama can. I guess we shall wait and see.

Politically yours,
-The Cali Garmo