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Fraternity August 24, 2008

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So as yesterday had a mini side theme of my frat, I thought I would expand on my fraternity and tell you all about all the amazing things I hope to accomplish with the frat.

By coming back to the states I knew automatically that I wanted to get reinvolved with the fraternity. It is such a part of my life that I could not think of not involving myself once again. I just never imagined that I would get bombarded with requests and join in so many spots that I may need to rethink my future in this fraternity. Or at least my level of involvement.

So the Friday night of our convention I officially went alumni. The next day, all hell would break loose. Saturday morning begins and it is the day of our first meeting of our National Alumni Association (NAA). During this meeting it turns out that we are electing new officer positions, and it turns out we do not have a Regional Director for the Western Region. As the time came to chose who would be the next Western Regional Director, Christopher Guerrero nominated myself for the position. I knew at that time I did not feel comfortable jumping this far into an organization I had only joined the night before, so I kindly declined. After this it turns out that no one else was willing to take the position on. Naturally, being the human I am, I decided to suck it up and just take the position on. 30 minutes after that I was voted in as the Western Regional Director for the NAA. A total of 15 hours after I had joined the organization.

My worries would not stop there. While sitting in on an office of technology meeting I was swiftly recruited into the office without my knowledge. Naturally, since my boyfriend was the one heading the office, I accepted. And I must say this was in fact the one thing I did want to join on my return and am really happy to be a part of this office. Now life would have been good if it only stopped there.

After this, my crazy weekend would continue. On sunday night we found out that the fraternity creed was not passed. By this time I had already pledged myself to helping create a creed and therefore I was automatically joined into the heritage committee where I will be helping work on the creed.

So three major tasks in which I should be working 3+ hours per week on each thing, during a time in my life when I barely have time for lunch, will be exciting. I am going to have to manage my time in the most amazing of fashions and also have time for some fun in life. Being the crazy garmo I am, I know I will manage, but if in the end I can’t handle it all, I must consider dropping something. Unfortunately, that first thing would probably need to be the creed, but I hope to never have to come to that point.

So if anyone ever thinks they have no time for anything, just remember that time is not counted in hours, but instead in seconds. Every second you spend thinking of doing something but not doing it, you lose time. Therefore create time and work hard and make sure you get everything done!

Workaholicly yours,
-The Cali Garmo