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Life on Hold September 26, 2008

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So my life is currently on hold. I am waiting for one company to call me back so that I can get an interview with them and basically solidify my job and finally begin working. Unfortunately the company I will be working for is extremely busy because they are working on something special. I can’t say much because I don’t know how much I am allowed to disclose. So anyway, they are so busy they don’t have time to interview me. Good thing is that I am almost guaranteed a job there. Or at least really close. The recruiter who is working for them only sent them around 2 resumes and the company liked both and stopped her from sending any more. Apparently, there are 2 positions open. Very good chances of me getting in then. So I just need to wait for an interview!

Bad news is that the interview will probably not happen until next week. So what do I do for a week without money and no location to move to or anything like that. Get a part-time job! I talked with the recruiter and they were able to help me out and I am now working for her as an assistant recruiting people. It’s actually an ok job and it will hold me up until I get an interview with this company. And if I don’t get an interview the recruiter can probably help me find another one or something. It helps to have friends in good places.

So this basically means I am not only almost getting a job, but I am also learning what recruiters look for in resumes and how they find people. So I am become a professional in all this and will only help me in the future. I am so excited about this that I can’t even begin to express it. So I have started helping out my relatives and friends learn how to position themselves in order to get jobs! Use knowledge to help others.

Anyway, that is all. I’ll know more about a job later on and I’ll keep you all posted. Also, if you need any help getting yourself out there, such as resume help, or promoting yourself, just send me a comment and I’ll see what I can help you all with. After all, my audience is my number one priority! Next post will be on what this will entail about my future and what I have decided out of the three options I gave in a past post [link]

-The Cali Garmo