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Job Search August 27, 2008

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So I have finally decided to quit the wonderful world of teaching due to many comlicated reasons that I may lay out for you one day, but todays topic is more about searching for jobs.

So many different people have so many different types of jobs, but how do you look for a job when you don’t know what you are looking for? They teach you in school how to learn and how to grow and how to pursue one profession that you love. What they don’t teach you is what you do when you decide to change your mind and switch career choices. They don’t explain what you are supposed to do when the jobs you are looking at are requiring experience that you just don’t have.

This seems to be the situation I’m in. I am looking for jobs in I.T. but have almost no background information in them. I know almost no programming languages, and have no research experience in the field of math. What is someone to do when they are not qualified for the jobs they want, but need a job to hold them over for a year.

Due to this crazyness I may just end up having a throw away job and apply for a PhD program for next year in math. It seems that over 90% of jobs require a PhD or a masters degree in Math. Since I have neither I am finding it very difficult to find a job. I’m hopping something will come up through internet search after internet search, but who knows what I will find.

So for now I keep searching.

-The Cali Garmo