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Job Search October 23, 2008

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So I am finally in the interview phase of a job search. I am really hoping I get this job because I feel it would be the perfect place for me to jump start my life. I would be making around 48k on a contract position which means higher taxes but whatever. My official title would be ‘junior php developer’ which sounds just so hot. This would be perfect for me because I get to learn stuff on the side while I do my job. It gives me the flexibility I need in order to become fully in depth in the language base of PHP and also grow on the side.

There is only one thing I am probably doing wrong with this whole process, relying on them completely. I am trying so hard for this job that I have pretty much stopped my job search. I am putting all of my hopes on this one job, and I’m really hoping it pans out becacuse it is so amazing. If I end up not getting a job, I don’t know what I would do. Most likely I would pack up and leave for Phoenix, but that is an issue for a different day.

With hope,
-The Cali Garmo