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The Bay Area September 1, 2008

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So on Saturday, my boyfriend and I took a trip down to San Jose and to San Francisco in order to see the sights. Well, we went to San Jose to see the tech museum cause we are just geeky like that, and then we went to San Francisco to have some food. It’s sort of funny how the cultures of the two cities can be so different even though they are only about an hour apart.

San Jose had the feel of a laid back culture. It felt like you can do what you want, when you want it, and no one would really care. San Francisco on the other hand was extremely busy and active. It seemed like people were rushing you to get things done in order for progress to continue. Naturally, San Francisco is a much bigger city than San Jose, but I would not have expected that big of a divide to exist.

Another divide is in the gay culture. In SF everything was gay. My boyfriend and I did not feel awkward holding hands and walking down the street. In fact, in a town where 15% of the population is gay [reference found here], it’s almost expected. San Jose felt different though. It felt like, even though they were ok with LGBT people, they didn’t want to see it in public. I’m sure that was generally not the case and it’s probably due to misconceptions, but that is sort of what it felt like.

So now it becomes a question of where should a gay Armenian live in all of this atmosphere. There are more Armenians living in the San Jose area, but more gays living in the San Francisco area. My solution to the matter? Move to somewhere directly in the middle. I am Armenian and gay, and with that I must choose my cultural boundaries carefully. So I am living in a location not too close to the gays for the Armenians not to think I’m gay and I am living in an area not to Armenian so that I can occasionally make myself more gay.

So the Cali Garmo is on the move! Look for him in your local Silicon Valley neighborhood somewhere between SF and San Jose!

-the Cali Garmo