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Boyfriend August 23, 2008

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So today is a quick post just for fun. So a few weeks ago my fraternity had our national convention and during this time I was all prepared to get to work and get my fraternity butt into gear so I can start working for them once again. Well, this naturally did occur, but something else amazing happened. I met someone!

This was completely unexpected as I haven’t had a proper boyfriend in over 2 years and it always seemed that no one was interested in me. Well, at least I could never tell anyone was interested in me cause I can’t tell when someone was flirting with me. Anyway, this guy I met is completely amazing and I am so happy to have him in my life now. And many of you are wondering, “what, how!?!?” and for those I will answer this shortly.

So I arrive at convention on a thursday and I hang out with my brothers from Xi chapter. Having a great and fantastical time. Friday roles around and it’s time for registration for the convention for me. So I go into the registration room and naturally I see this amazing looking guy working the room. So, of course, I decide in my head to do anything I can to try and stay in this room as long as possible in hopes to see him for longer than 10 minutes that day. This turns out to work much more amazingly than I thought and we end up hanging out almost all day. Naturally I am attempting to flirt with him, but I am horrible at flirting and I felt that he just wanted to be friends so I was a little bummed out, but I still wanted to hang out with him, so I did.

Friday night comes around and naturally the convention starts to split into groups. Some are going to the bars, others are going to clubs, some are going home, and the rest are staying in the hotel room and hanging out. This was the worst part for me because I had to ‘casually’ try to figure out where my boy was going to go so that I can make sure to be in that location too. While hanging out with him he said that he was going to just hang out in the hotel for the night, and so I said I was probably going to do the same. A very good decision I must say. By hanging out with him all day, I found out that he is much more than a pretty face, he also has a great personality and is amazingly smart. He went to Purdue, need I say more? So with this in mind I continued my flirting. Hoping beyond hope that something may happen.

Nothing happened that night, but the next day was almost magical. As I suddenly turned into the slave for the office of technology by having to make apple runs, standing and waiting for people, and all kinds of random tasks, I kept running into him. In fact, we had even gone to the pool together during the day, and all I can say was, yumm! So that night I decide that maybe I should be a little proactive about my flirting and attempt to actually ask this guy out. As one of my brothers had reminded me, the worst that could happen is him say no. So I spent the rest of night trying to find a good time to ask him on a date.

Our convention dinner came around and I felt this was a good time to try and get him into a conversation and ask him out (if I got enough courage).  So I showed up late to the dinner in hopes that he was already sitting down and I can sit near him, but instead he was a social butterfly and refused to sit down. So I went table by table seeing if he had chosen where to sit, but he seemed to be sitting no where. After around 30 minutes of waiting I figured that maybe it wasn’t meant to happen. I never noticed him look at me or anything so I went to some of my good brothers and sat down and started chatting. Within 5 minutes of sitting down my boy comes and sits at the table also! Can I say how ecstatic I was? We somehow ended up sitting on the same table. So I kept trying to position my seat so that I was sitting next to him, but it never turned out to work. About 5 minutes before dinner I somehow got to sit right next to him and we talked the whole night. It was amazing. I felt like nothing else was happening around me. I could talk to him forever.

Of course I couldn’t muster enough courage during dinner, but we had all decided we were going out to a club that night. I figured that this was my chance to make a move. All I had to do was get enough alcohol in me to give me courage to ask him out or something. As the dance started we somehow were not dancing near each other so I kept trying to get closer and closer, but there always seemed to be something in the way. Eventually I got close, and God knows how, but we started making out!!! After around 3+ hours of this we decided to hang out all day sunday with each other.

Sunday of course was also magical as it was almost one super long date, and we decided to make it official in essence and to start dating. The thing I expected least, occured. I’m still in awe how it all turned out. I thought this would never happen, but it somehow happened. And now we talk on a daily basis and visit each other as often as we can. He lives in Colorado. Over 1,000 miles away, but somehow we make it work. I think we both like each other too much to make distance hurt our relationship. Although having the distance is super difficult it does not stop us from liking each other.

So that is the story of my new boyfriend and how we met. As you can tell I am super duper happy about having him in my life and am still amazed that I have him. He is literally the best guy that I have ever met in my life. He is so intelligent that I cannot even resist him. His intelligence, his personality, his looks, all flawless in my eyes, and I see this relationship going very far. I hope you all liked the story, and it wasn’t too long. It was only a little over 1,000 words, but who’s counting? More updates to come!

-The Cali Garmo