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State #3 – Gay marriage October 10, 2008

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Connecticut is the latest state to allow gay marriage. This brings the total number of states we can get married in to 3, Massachusetts, California, and now Connecticut. Only 47 more states to go!

Read the article below for more information:


South Carolina, Gay? July 17, 2008

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Now who would have ever thought a story like this would develop? An Australian based gay travel company has labeled South Carolina among 5 other locations in the U.S. as ‘great destinations’ for the gay traveler. This makes me wonder whether Amro Worldwide did any research before starting their advertising campaign for South Carolina as being ‘so gay.’

South Carolina is So Gay posterAmro Worldwide basically started an advertising campaign in London during London’s pride in order to promote gay destinations in the U.S. South Carolina, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, New Orleans, and Las Vegas were all chosen to be a part of their poster campaign in which posters describing each city as ‘so gay’ were put around the London Underground. The South Carolina poster is depicted on the left. But with South Carolina being so politically conservative and having such a anti-gay stance you would wonder how such a thing could happen. Don’t we remember how South Carolina was the place where Irmo High School’s principal resigned from his high school just because he did not want a gay-straight alliance starting up? So let’s see how all of this went down.

The weird part is that it turns out that South Carolina originally liked the ‘so gay’ idea. Kristy Dillury, who is the spokesgirl for South Carolina Tourism, said “South Carolina has a lot to offer gay travellers… We are delighted to be involved with the ‘so gay’ campaign in particular as it sends a powerful positive message to everyone that there is nothing wrong at all with a destination being described as ‘so gay’.” This was put on a press release [here]. From here the advertising poster campaign was begun. It all went downhill once The Palmetto Scoop, a blog from South Carolina, talked about the ad campaign that Amro was putting up [found here]. Apparently Republican state senator David Thomas protested against the campaign and wanted an audit of the tourism department to see how this campaign could have happened using South Carolina’s tax payer’s money. The audit turned out that a lower level employee allowed the poster campaign to go through and the $5,000 to be paid for the ads without ever talking to their supervisor. Of course this employee quietly resigned. The governor of South Carolina, who apparently is in the running for VP of John McCain, said that the poster campaign was ‘inappropriate.’

You can find the whole article [here].

All of this played out pretty much the way anyone could have imagined. I wish that South Carolina was not so anti-gay, but it’s one state at a time I guess. I just have one question for Amro Worldwide. Why is San Francisco not on your list of ‘great destinations’? And maybe next time, they should do some research before starting and ad campaign.

-Aram the Garmo


Cancun Part 2 July 16, 2008

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First off, sorry for not updating yesterday; I wasn’t really in the writing mood persay. So anyway, today I will be going into the Mayan ruins that surround Cancun, and also my gay clubbing experience.

First I’ll start off with the Mayan ruins around Cancun. Of course when you go to Cancun you have to visit the historical sites of the Mayan civilization. Each location has so much information and beauty that it will be impossible for me to explain all of it here, but I will try as much as I can. I highly recommend everyone to go and visit at least once in your lives.

So the first place we went to was Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is the most easily recognizable city developed by the Mayans. Chichen Itza has the largest games arena out of all the other spots. The Mayans used to play a game where they would hit a ball with a bat trying to get the ball into a hole on a wall around 20 feet up. (I really wish I had my pics so I can show you!) The cool part about this game was that every year they would have a sort of tournament in which each team would try and beat all the others. The team that ends up winning the tournament goes down in their history in a very simple way. The captain of the team would be sacrificed to their gods. Now a cool thing I learned was that human sacrifice did not come to the Mayans until the Tulocs came to their towns and basically ‘conquered’ them. So winning this game was one of the few ways to be have an honorable sacrifice. Normally a human sacrifice was reserved for their enemies. Thank God I wasn’t their enemies!

Another cool point about Chichen Itza is their main structure. The building used to house the ruler of the city and was pretty massive. It also had a lot of significance which mainly corresponded to the Mayan Calendar. The Mayan calendar was pretty cool. It actually consisted of 2 different calendars that corresponded perfectly to predict eclipses. They had a lunar calendar which lasted 260 days. It was 13 months of 20 days each. The cool thing is that the 260 days corresponds to the womens reproduction cycle. If you notice 260 days is approximately how long it takes for a baby to be born, from inception to birth. Their second calendar was the lunar calendar which contained 365 days. This was 19 months of 20 days and 1 month with 5 days in it. The cool part is that the reason this last month only has 5 days in it is because it is seen as a bad month. The reason it is seen as bad is because it is the only 5 days out of the whole year that Venus cannot be seen from their point of view. And every 52 years the 2 cycles coincide. When they coincide is when an eclipse happens. Pretty cool!

Some other cool parts of Chichen Itza I will leave to you to find out when you go and visit yourself. I’ll also mention that the entire place just looks absolutely beautiful. The concept that they were able to create all of these structures without the use of a wheel is amazing. I know that they egyptians did the same with the pyramids, but it still is amazing that humans could actually achieve such amazing feats. We also went to Tulum which was very beautiful also. Tulum was very cool mainly because you were able to see the buildings up close. There wasn’t much information given to us at Tulum.

So the last thing I want to discuss is my gay clubbing experience down there. On the last night there I went to the gay club called ‘Karamba.’ The cool part is that it was in the city center itself. As in it wasn’t anywhere near any of the hotels. Another cool part was that it was their comedy night and so they had a drag queen telling jokes all night long. I understood none of it, but it was pretty cool to be able to watch the whole thing happening. The music was also amazing and the hospitality there was great. I went there on my own of course and within 30 minutes a group of locals invited me to join their group and we hang out the whole time. They spoke really good English so my horrible Spanish was not used very much. The music at the club was also really good. There were only 2 problems the whole night. 1) There wasn’t too much dancing happening. Of course I ended up dancing, but that’s just the type of guy I am. 2) One of my drinks got spiked. Now this was mainly my fault and luckily nothing happened, but it was still a little worrisome.

So that is my experience in Cancun. I really enjoyed every minute and hope that one day I am able to go back during their amazing spring break time. I can only imagine how crazy and full that whole place is when it is packed with college students. I also realized that I need to work on my Spanish a lot, but that my Spanish is decent enough to get me by. I was able to have a whole conversation with the taxi driver on the way to the club. That’s got to amount to something right!

-Aram the Garmo


Publicity? July 11, 2008

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So I was randomly scouring the internet and reading the random blogs I generally look at and I noticed something odd; for some reason another blog mentions mine! Now normally this occurs by one of my friends who is talking about me or something random, but the blog that mentions me is from someone I haven’t even heard of! (Of course now I have and will be reading more of his material.) I’ve basically been mentioned in a blog post about Gay Armenians blogging which is sort of cool. I just didn’t know that other people actually read my blog.

If you want to read the amazing post (done by: Onnik Krikorian) you can read it [here]. And to read more posts by Onnik Krikorian you can do so at his blog [here]. I’d also like to say thank you to Onnik for mentioning me in his post!

-Aram the Garmo


Farewell June 8, 2008

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The countdown has begun to my final farewell to England. In less than 9 days I will be flying out of Heathrow on my way back to the U.S. I am seriously going to miss everyone here. I have yet to pack my stuff and that will be done in the next two days. Today I will visit people, and I will be going to London on Wednesday, which is also the day my grades come out. *nervous*.

My arrival in California is going to be a little weird I expect. In order to understand, I must describe a whole story. So I am having my dad make the track jackets for my fraternity again. This is around the third time that I have asked him to do it, so I didn’t think anything of it. My brother though overheard from somewhere that my dad actually looked up the details to my fraternity. Which means that he knows that I am in a gay fraternity. Of course my brother only overheard it, so I don’t know what my father knows exactly, but he could easily find out that I am gay. This may turn into a very awkward trip to LA especially if he asks anything. I’m prepared for any questions, and I am not coming out of the closet to him yet. The reason is because he currently has all of my stuff, and I know he doesn’t like homosexuality and so I don’t want all of my stuff getting stuck at his place. So I will wait until all of my stuff are at mine and then tell him, or maybe just never tell him. He isn’t very worth it anyway.

So that is what is waiting for me in LA and I hope it all goes good. I have backups just in case something happens, but still nervous.

That is all for today, I will update some tomorrow (hopefully).

-Aram the Garmo


CA Same-Sex Marriage ruling May 16, 2008

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So this is just a quick note because I feel everyone should know this news. The Supreme Court of California ruled yesterday that banning homosexuals from marriage is discriminatory and therefore is unconstitutional. In essence, gays now have the right to marry. If you would like to hear about the report from an actual news agency [Reuters]. That is all I basically wanted to state for today. Have a good night!

-Aram the Garmo