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What?! December 30, 2008

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Hey Everyone! It has been FOREVER since I posted anything on here. I’ve been working on a VERY exciting new projecct! I am starting up a new blog on my new website! Naturally it has taken me a while to get everything set up as I designed and did everything myself, but it should be coming online soon. This blog will stay active for ‘personal’ entries, while my new blog will be more of a political/news slant to it. You can find my new blog at:

Nothing is going to be released until 01/01/09

You better be as excited as me! Ccause I just can’t wait! This new blog will be updated at least once per day (assuming I have content to add) and will have news from either the LGBT front in Armenia or California with an occasional additional story.

*muah* Love you all!

-The Cali Garmo


Job Search October 23, 2008

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So I am finally in the interview phase of a job search. I am really hoping I get this job because I feel it would be the perfect place for me to jump start my life. I would be making around 48k on a contract position which means higher taxes but whatever. My official title would be ‘junior php developer’ which sounds just so hot. This would be perfect for me because I get to learn stuff on the side while I do my job. It gives me the flexibility I need in order to become fully in depth in the language base of PHP and also grow on the side.

There is only one thing I am probably doing wrong with this whole process, relying on them completely. I am trying so hard for this job that I have pretty much stopped my job search. I am putting all of my hopes on this one job, and I’m really hoping it pans out becacuse it is so amazing. If I end up not getting a job, I don’t know what I would do. Most likely I would pack up and leave for Phoenix, but that is an issue for a different day.

With hope,
-The Cali Garmo


New Website! October 11, 2008

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So I finally decided it was time to make the jump and actually purchase a web domain. I plan on eventually moving my blog there, but for now it is staying put. There is currently nothing there except for a form. I don’t know exactly what to do with it, so if you have ANY ideas fill out the form so that I know what people want from it. I guess giving the website would help:

Thank you all who actually listen to my ramblings. You have no idea how happy it makes me feel whenever I see that someone has actually come to my site!

-The Cali Garmo


State #3 – Gay marriage October 10, 2008

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Connecticut is the latest state to allow gay marriage. This brings the total number of states we can get married in to 3, Massachusetts, California, and now Connecticut. Only 47 more states to go!

Read the article below for more information:


The Breakup October 9, 2008

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So I guess I knew this day was coming. Sadly, I knew it was coming for a week now and was trying not to think about it, but tis life. Yours truly is officially single once again. The reason for this one was the distance. Long distance was more than the other side could handle, which is a good enough excuse. It’s just started to make me wonder.

This is another relationship that I get to add to my countless ones that haven’t worked out. And just like all of those this one lasted a short time. This is the longest relationship I have had with a guy, 2.25 months. The second longest? 2 months, the 3rd longest? 1 week. I’m starting to think there may be something completely wrong with me. Why can I not get into a relationship and actually have it last longer than a week, or even 2 months? Am I doing something completely and horribly wrong? Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m ‘unattractive’ or maybe I don’t have a good personality. It’s times like these when self doubt is strongest. I just want to know why I can’t keep a relationship.

Funny part is, I can keep them with woman just fine, sort of. Out of the three relationships I had with girls one there lengths were 6 months, 1 month, 1 week. Again, not a very long amount of time for a straight relationship. And oddly, the 6 month relationship was long distance too (all the way in montana!).

So I don’t know anymore. If there is some fatal flaw in me that turns all of the guys away from me can someone please tell me so I can change? I’m sort of sick of the whole short term relationship thing. I want something that will last.

-The Cali Garmo


The answer! September 30, 2008

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So, the people at the wonderful world of the Math Factor Podcast [link] have published their solution to their question as discussed in a post of mine a couple days ago [link].

In a quick recap, they basically asked if the game of balls will ever end such that one person is trying to keep the game going on forever, and another is trying to make it stop. (If you don’t remember just go back and reread it.) So, it turns out (like I thought, but was second guessing myself) that the game will always end. It may take an extremely long amount of time, but it will eventually end.

So then this brings me to my game that I had designed. The one where each person is trying to outdo another one. I just realized that these two problems may be similar, but they are somewhat different. Theirs asks if one person can create an infinite amount of time out of a finite amount of object, which is definitely a no. My question asks whether or not you can create a formula such that no formula can ‘outperform’ it. And I can’t believe how simple the proof is!

Theory: There does not exist a ‘greatest’ formula.
Proof: Assume that there is a greatest formula f(x). Therefore |g(x)| ≤ |f(x)| by definition of greatest. Allow g(x) = f(x) * x. Therefore |g(x)| > |f(x)|. We therefore have a contradiction, and there does not exist a greatest formula f(x). QED.

Corollary: The game of formulas would go on forever.
Proof: Assume that the game has a finite time. This implies that one formula will beat every other formula and is therefore the ‘greatest’ formula, but by our previous theorem there does not exist a ‘greatest’ formula. Therefore the game does not have a finite time and will go on forever. QED.

Yay for being able to do proofs! I feel prepared for grad school. Just kidding.

-The Cali Garmo


Future Stops – Education September 29, 2008

As my life is being tossed around like crazy with unemployment, I have sat down and thought about what I want to do with my future, education wise. 1 degree no longer cuts it in this world. This is why I am thinking about going back to school eventually and getting a few more degrees. I will (hopefully) work for at least 2 years before going back to school, but I may do it sooner if I can’t get a job. Here is what I want to go back to school for:

  1. B.S. in Computer Science
  2. B.S. in Physics
  3. Ph.D. in Mathematics
  4. Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics
  5. B.S. in Electrical Engineering
  6. B.S. in Chemistry
  7. Ph.D. in Molecular Chemistry
  8. B.A. in Philosophy
  9. Ph.D. in Computer Science
  10. B.A. in Dance

And probably in that order also. I know it will take me a while, but what is an Armenian to do in this world, but grow to the wisest state he possibly can? Who knows, maybe this list will eventually grow to extreme lengths, but I’ve decided I won’t stop, not now, not ever. After Dance, who knows what new things I will come up with that I am interested in. Maybe Queer Studies, or Armenian Studies. There is so much to learn and so little time. So I am off to continue my studies.

The Knowledge Seeker
-The Cali Garmo


Life on Hold September 26, 2008

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So my life is currently on hold. I am waiting for one company to call me back so that I can get an interview with them and basically solidify my job and finally begin working. Unfortunately the company I will be working for is extremely busy because they are working on something special. I can’t say much because I don’t know how much I am allowed to disclose. So anyway, they are so busy they don’t have time to interview me. Good thing is that I am almost guaranteed a job there. Or at least really close. The recruiter who is working for them only sent them around 2 resumes and the company liked both and stopped her from sending any more. Apparently, there are 2 positions open. Very good chances of me getting in then. So I just need to wait for an interview!

Bad news is that the interview will probably not happen until next week. So what do I do for a week without money and no location to move to or anything like that. Get a part-time job! I talked with the recruiter and they were able to help me out and I am now working for her as an assistant recruiting people. It’s actually an ok job and it will hold me up until I get an interview with this company. And if I don’t get an interview the recruiter can probably help me find another one or something. It helps to have friends in good places.

So this basically means I am not only almost getting a job, but I am also learning what recruiters look for in resumes and how they find people. So I am become a professional in all this and will only help me in the future. I am so excited about this that I can’t even begin to express it. So I have started helping out my relatives and friends learn how to position themselves in order to get jobs! Use knowledge to help others.

Anyway, that is all. I’ll know more about a job later on and I’ll keep you all posted. Also, if you need any help getting yourself out there, such as resume help, or promoting yourself, just send me a comment and I’ll see what I can help you all with. After all, my audience is my number one priority! Next post will be on what this will entail about my future and what I have decided out of the three options I gave in a past post [link]

-The Cali Garmo


Same math quandry, different mathematical question September 18, 2008

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So I was listening to the Math Factor Podcast [link](my favorite podcast, and the best podcast in the world!) and they proposed a mathematical question that is almost exactly similar to my question that I had asked just a few days ago.

First math problem
In my previous post [link] my final math question was:
Two people are playing a game. The rules are simple. Each person takes turns saying a number (or a 1-variable formula). The goal of the game is to say a number (or more likely a formula) that is so hi, that the other person cannot top it.

Person A: 1
Person B: 2
Person A: Whatever you say +1 (aka n+1)
Person B: Whatever you say squared (aka n^2)
Person A: Whatever you say factorial (aka n!)
Person B: Whatever you say to the power of itself (aka n^n)

So… how do you win? Does there exist a formula that will allow any person to win?

Same math problem, different question:
So they ended up asking the following:
2 people are playing a game. One person is trying to get the game to go on forever, and the other one is trying to get it to end. Also, very simple rules. Forever puts down any number of balls with a certain number on it (any number). Then End takes away just one of the balls with a certain number n on it. For each ball End takes away, Forever gets to put down as many balls as she likes with the number n-1 on it. If End takes a ball with a number 0 on it, Forever can’t put anything down, so End gets to go again. For Example (Note, Ordered pairs are structured as [number of balls, number on balls]):

Forever: Puts down [2,3] (aka 2, #3 balls)
End: Picks up a #3 ball
Forever: Puts down [3,2] balls (Now on board: [1,3], [3,2])
End: Picks up a #2 ball
Forever: Puts down [1,1] (Now on board: [1,3], [2,2], [1,1])
End: Picks up a #2 ball
Forever: Puts down [2,1] (Now on board: [1,3], [1,2], [3,1])
End: Picks up #1 ball
Forever: Puts down [2, 0] (Now on board: [1,3], [1,2], [2,1], [2,0])
End: Picks up #0 ball (End gets to go again)
End: Picks up # 3 ball

So, this goes on for a while, but the game will eventually end. So the question with this problem is, is there a way to get the game to go on forever?

Very similar concept with mine where you need a formula to outdo the other person. In this case, only one person is supplying the formula, which is perfectly acceptable.

My assumption: There must be something out there that will allow forever to win. Although it may seem like it will always end, I feel it deep in my bones that there must be a way for forever to win.

Deadline: They will probably give out a solution to the problem next week, so I have until then to solve this conundrum! Fun times. Gives me something to do at the gym I guess!

-The Cali Garmo


Job Search vs. Job Hunt September 13, 2008

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So generally after you graduate or you decide to move on with your life you go on a job search. You look for jobs and they generally will reply back with eager anticipation of you working for them. A job search is a fairly simple thing to do. You sign up for or some other website and you find new jobs and you search them out and apply. Fairly simple right? That’s what I thought. What they don’t tell you is that once you finish the job search, you begin on the job hunt. The job hunt is basically you trying to get any employer out there trying to even give you a second look. They ask for experience that no one directly out of college would have, they ask for knowledge that most people wouldn’t know, and they ask for ridiculous things. The job hunt is basically us hunting and trying to spear down a company and force them into employing us with our good looks, amazing personality, and adequately portrayed resume. Now what happens when you land in a situation such as mine where no one will even take a second look at your resume cause you don’t have ‘experience’ that they are looking for. I am now faced with 3 different options and I will try and see which one best matches what I want to do.

Option 1) Continue my job hunt.
Yes it is a job hunt. I am now throwing myself at employers in hopes to knock one of them down. After applying to over 30 jobs and not one even calling me back or emailing me back, it is safe to say this is not a very good option. I will continue to lose more money and most likely not find a job. The only way I will find a job is if one of my connections is able to persuade the employer to offer me a job even though I have no experience. This will only work with my connections at Agilent Technologies, so we will see.

Option 2) Continue on a job search in anticipation for grad school.
This option is a little better, but still not very nice. This is basically me finding a temporary job as something randomĀ  until I am able to get into grad school. This random job would probably be being a waiter or something as absurd. This also makes the assumption that I can get into a grad program With only 2 months until the final GRE Math exam, I am highly unprepared to take the exam. With only a 3.3 GPA, I am technically ‘below average,’ and with only one worthy letter of recommendation, I am 2 short of having a full set. So although this option is possible, it will be a difficult trek and will involve me being broke this whole year working at a job I will most likely not like in order to go to a grad school I probably will not enjoy due to my inadequacy on the tests.

Option 3) Go to a community college for a year, then reapply for a university degree during which time I can gain ‘experience.’
This is probably my current favorite option. The only problem with this option is that I would need to move to Arizona while going to Community College. I would go to CC for a year and learn as much information as I can, and then the next year go back and get a degree in CS and/or Physics. I like this option because it keeps me in school at a level that I am comfortable with and will allow me to grow and gain the experience that I will need in order to compete in the market. This will also allow me to raise my GPA for when I apply to grad school sometime in the future.

So as of right now Option 3 is sounding like my most favorite, but what do you think? Would you choose another option? Would you stay optimistic and hope that a job will come along? Would you take the long shot and go for grad school directly? Would you move to a place you dislike in hopes for a better future? What would you do?

-The Cali Garmo